Chocolate Cups with Mocha Almond Mousse

To celebrate Love Day, 16 of our favorite neighbors came over for a 7 course dinner. Our home filled with the warmth of friendship and the delicious aromas of fresh fruit, lobster, steak and cheesecake. Yum, what a feast! Each couple took turns preparing and serving. It was a fun and memorable gathering.

We were responsible for the final course – chocolate and espresso. I anticipated that following 6 delicious dishes, no one would want to ingest another bite of food. So, I looked for a lite and ultra-tempting recipe that would end a meal well without sending anyone over the edge. This mousse recipe struck my fancy. It’s from Bakers Royale. And…it’s super easy. I used almond & cocoa spread instead of Nutella and I wasn’t careful about measurements. The chocolate cups were made by spooning melted chocolate over tiny silicone muffin molds. Could be topped with fresh fruit or nuts.


9 oz. Nutella

1.5 Cups Heavy Cream

1/2 Teaspoon Espresso Powder

1. ?Melt the Nutella and espresso powder until smooth and creamy. Let sit until cooled but not yet stiff.

2. ?Whip cream to soft peaks.

3. Gently fold cream into chocolate sauce. Pipe or spoon into containers and let sit for at least 4 hours, up to two days ahead.



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  1. MMMmmm… my tummy’s rumbly.

    Anything with Nutella is a MUST make/eat!

  2. My kids will love me more and more for making this :D

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